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EP 242: A New Group for Francophiles with Christina Consolé

August 17, 2022 Krystal Kenney
La Vie Creative
EP 242: A New Group for Francophiles with Christina Consolé
Show Notes

Lady Christina Consolé (Chrissy to her friends) is the creator and founder of Parisian Niche, your corner of the world for all things Parisian and French flaired.

A native New Yorker, whose main residence is still on New York City’s famously picturesque Upper East Side, Chrissy has been fortunate enough to have lived, worked, and studied in Paris and traveled extensively through France, Europe, and beyond.

Having worked for over twenty years in several leading French and Italian jewelry and accessory ateliers, as well as a leading American fashion house, Chrissy has developed an eye for detail, beauty, and luxury; where it can be found in the everyday and made accessible. Because Paris is for everyone.  

One of her main goals since young adulthood was to be fluent (and likewise, to be considered fluent by native speakers) in the French language.  After several years of intense and immersive linguistic studies, Chrissy is truly proud to hold a French B2 diploma from the French Ministry of Education (level set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and continues her studies and is on the path to obtain the highest level C1 / C2 diplomas.


Chrissy has been an avid and devoted reader since childhood and has parlayed this love into a successful book club, called Parisian Page Turners that is over 50 books deep (and still reading!)  This book club also enjoys the occasional “read aloud,” where Chrissy lends her own voice to the wonderful texts.  The book selections always vary in scope but remain faithful to one beloved setting – Paris and France.   


Passionate about all things Parisian and historical, Chrissy has never met a cup (or bowl) of chocolat chaud that she didn’t love.  She can’t wait for her many Parisian “cocoa crawls” as her first stop in Paris is always to indulge in luxurious, chocolatey goodness while overlooking the city.  And after all, isn’t a good chocolat chaud the ultimate gateway into Parisian gastronomic delights?

On the sporty side of French life, Chrissy is a lover of football (soccer) and considers herself a top fan of both PSG and NYCFC.  She can be found at many live matches on both sides of the pond.


Forever learning about the city, above all, Chrissy’s passion for all things Parisian has her constantly dreaming, planning, creating vision boards focused on Paris and travels, as well as looking forward to her next adventure “home to Paris.” After all, as famously penned by Lucy Maud Montgomery, in the words of her childhood literary heroine Anne Shirley, “looking forward to things is half the pleasure of them.”

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