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EP 346: Parisian Abstract Painter Andrea Mongenie

August 16, 2023 Krystal Kenney
La Vie Creative
EP 346: Parisian Abstract Painter Andrea Mongenie
Show Notes

Andrea Mongenie 

Born in 1989 in Paris, Andrea ventured to 

London in 2007, to pursue studies in fine 

art, and printed textiles at the University of 

the Arts. 

Over the course of 15 years in London, 

Andrea's creative path flourished as she 

excelled as an Art Director and set 

designer, leaving a lasting impact on 

diverse projects spanning cinema, design, 

and interiors. However, the birth of her first 

child rekindled her deep passion for 

painting, drawing her back to her artistic 


Now based in Montreuil, Paris, Andrea 

embraces her dual british and french 

identity infusing her artwork with a unique 

perspective. Andrea’s compositions play 

with light, texture and movement drawing 

inspiration from her personal experiences 

and nature. Vibrant colors and abstract 

forms are the hallmark of her paintings, conveying emotions and inviting viewers into warm and tranquil worlds. 

Andrea Mongenie's artistic process is marked by gestural and instinctive techniques, seeking balance through the interplay of colors and forms. Multiple layers, continuous color mixing, and the inclusion of materials like sand or cement add depth and texture to her works. The result is a visually calming and emotionally charged body of work. Her art serves as a tribute to the complexities of human nature, skillfully bringing together contradiction, chaos, and imperfection to create beauty.


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