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Ep 136: Croatian Musician, Bojan Kupirovic, shares his rock band in Paris!

August 11, 2021 Krystal Kenney Episode 136
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Ep 136: Croatian Musician, Bojan Kupirovic, shares his rock band in Paris!
Show Notes

I'm a musician. Learned to play guitar in high school after I watched the movie The School of Rock with Jack Black which inspired me so much that I became a rocker and wanted to have a band! Since then I realized that music is the language in which I can express my feelings, myself, and feel good about it.

I lived in a small, conservative city in Croatia where people believed that if you listen to rock or metal and have long hair means you are a Satanist and drug addict. So it was hard to organize a band but I had a couple of small rock and metal bands but this was all in the garage and with friends.

After I started studying in Zagreb, the capital city, I started playing guitar on the street. One year I went on a summer busking tour with a friend and met one magnificent man who played bongos and we started playing together. We played together for 2-3 years, almost every day for 1 or two hours on the street, it was magnificent. At that time I started to record some solo original materials under the name Boen Balo.

I recorded 2 albums (not in the studio but at home) and started working on the third album but then I went to Paris to live with my girlfriend and work in the American Library in Paris. All my songs are uploaded to SoundCloud and they are free to download and everybody can cover them, no questions asked. I come from a poor family and as a kid, I couldn't access a lot of music but was listening to it from a friend's house. That's why I let my music be free and anybody can cover it, no questions asked, as long as they don't sell it. Creative Commons.

The link for the music is here:

Right now I play bass guitar and sing in a rock band called The Let Goes and it's so fun because I love my friend Paul with whom I play - we both feel that music is the way we can express each other. We are also playing original music and slowly recording songs. For now, we have 2 songs recorded but a lot of recorded materials live.

Our SoundCloud account where you can find music:

Our Youtube account where you can find live videos, we had a show in February in the bar Le Truskel and it was EPIC:

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