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Ep 146: Frances takes us inside the world of Versailles Immersive Experience with Eat the Cake Studio

September 15, 2021 Krystal Kenney Episode 146
La Vie Creative
Ep 146: Frances takes us inside the world of Versailles Immersive Experience with Eat the Cake Studio
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Frances is a Latina powerhouse creative with over 30 years of experience in the arts and entertainment industry spanning theater, cinema, and video games. She has a passion for creating rich and dynamic story worlds that conjure curiosity and inspire play. She is co-founder and CEO of Eat the Cake Studio, a women-run immersive entertainment studio dedicated to redefining the experience of storytelling and audience engagement. Frances is also passionate about history and thrives in showcasing fascinating women from history at the heart of her projects. Performing artist, scriptwriter, businesswoman, and even mixologist... Her unconventional path through life has made her versatile, curious, and always ready for a challenge!



Eat the Cake Studio’s signature universe is Versailles Imagined, an immersive universe around Versailles and one of its most iconic residents, Marie Antoinette.  In 2019, Eat the Cake Studio began production on LET THEM EAT CAKE -  THE SHOW, an intimate immersive show set around Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution. With the pandemic, the company had to put the live production on hold and pivoted to creating immersive, interactive online content with their show cast, including BEAUTY AND GOSSIP FROM THE 18TH CENTURY - an Airbnb Online experience; LADIES OF VERSAILLES, an online encounter with Marie Antoinette and her favorites (also available in person!), and SCANDAL AT VERSAILLES: IN THE SHADOW OF THE GUILLOTINE: a create-your-own-adventure multimedia online experience based on the scandal that rocked the court: The Affair of the Necklace (currently in development.) They plan to launch a Western-based universe shortly and they hope to restart production on their live show soon!


If you are in Paris and you would like to spend a couple of hours living like royalty with the Queen or one of her favorites, then look no further! Eat the Cake Studio will make those wishes come true!







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